Today, I, Benedetta with pride and together with my family keep the family tradition alive. Combining knowledge and innovation and respecting the environment using the organic method I strive to produce a healthy wine of high quality, that enhances the particularities expressed by the terroir .

Our wine is the ultimate result of tradition and processes that cross the cellar from the countryside and become an experience for those who choose to taste the product of many efforts.


Our goal is to produce a healthy wine of the highest quality with the organic method.

We do it both in the vineyard and in the cellar, taking care of the agronomic and oenological aspects in the smallest details. We strive to enhance all that nature provides us using the most modern technologies where they help us achieve our goal.

We can afford this because we are a small but technologically advanced company.


What we aim for is to enhance the originality (sensorial profile different from the others), and the typicality of our wine, to make it unique and unmistakable, expression of that extremely gifted terroir.

Our wine by definition can not please everyone, as it can only be appreciated by those who seek a particular experience, with very subjective characteristics that combine healthiness, originality and high quality.


From the vine to the cork, from the soil to the boxes, each element has been studied to guarantee maximum results respecting the environment. We believe that every day, every movement, every transaction must be sustainable and have a positive impact on the planet in which we live.

We produce a wine of the highest quality and by definition in a few quantities. We believe that the made in Italy, our history, the particular Terroir can be exploited only in small doses, creating a product that we are proud of.