Our wine does not contain the residues of the molecules or of the metabolites deriving from the use of synthetic plant protection products. In other words, we do not use harmful agents for humans.

Over the years we have developed such a knowledge of the terroir that allows us to act using only natural elements typical of organic production.

Key to the achievement of an eco-sustainable objective is not the mere application of the regulations on organic, but rather we have made our modus operandi, which allows us to interpret a lifestyle that has placed the healthiness of its product and own company.

We are constantly researching and experimenting with new techniques that not only improve the product but are increasingly eco-sustainable. For this reason we are also regularly in advance on biological protocols and certainly the certification as organic producer is not the goal but simply a starting point.

We participate with our activity in the direction of sustainable development, both in the cellar and in the vineyard, but above all in the finished product. All our packaging is made of recycled material and we try to use recycled materials in the countryside and in the cellar.
In the countryside we operate an off-set of our inevitable CO2 production by planting trees every year and keeping hedges.

In the cellar we use the same principles limiting, where possible, the addition of external components. In the choice of yeasts we operate so that the external inputs do not modify the natural process of transformation, inevitably our wine will bring some unique characteristics, typical making it absolutely non-standard.

We are certified by the CCPB certification body of organic products recognized all over the world.