In order to have the denomination of controlled origin that is the most important quality certification for the Pinot Grigio of the North East of Italy, the vineyard must undergo very specific rules: for example the maximum production per hectare is 150 quintals of grapes, in limited geographical areas with particular cultivation and vinification techniques.


Mutation of Pinot Noir, a vine of reduced vigor, prefers temperate climates that are not excessively warm and good exposures, with a small cluster with gray-pink skin, light and pruinose; juicy pulp and simple flavor. Vinified in white from a straw-yellow colored wine, perfumed with a dry taste, soft alcohol, rightly acidic, which with a slight aging takes on a very fine bouquet.

If vinified in “ramato” it gives a wine with a slightly bitter taste of fruity body, warm.


• Color: coppery with light hues reminiscent of apricot, gray hints just mentioned

• Olfaction: Clean, fruity sensations intended. Apricot, ripe peach, banana on a light background of ripe citrus (grapefruit, orange)

• Taste: dry, sapid but harmonious with a fruity aftertaste on which prevail the hints that recall the almond.

Our wine is produced exclusively with grapes deriving from the pinot grigio vine.


Find more information and all the technical details of our Pinot Grigio in the data sheet.